Slow Farm Squash Cornucopia - Choose Size


Slow Farm Squash Cornucopia - Choose Size

from 30.00

We're offering our wholesale price on our favorite squash and edible pumpkins to help stock your larder. Choose from two options - either 30 lbs. or 50 lbs. - that will be available  just in time for the holidays. Pick up on Saturday, November 17th (or after). 

We include pie pumpkins and some of our favorite heirloom and Ark of Taste winter squash plus a few cute gourds for your holiday tables and cozy nights. 

We'll send you descriptions of each pumpkin and squash and storage tips, along with some of our best recipes. While supplies last. Examples from 2017 included:

30 lb. Cornucopia
- Delicata Squash
- Waltham Butternut Squash
- Thelma Sanders "Sweet Potato" Squash (Ark of Taste)
- Algonquian Squash (aka Long Pie Pumpkin, Ark of Taste)
- Seminole Pumpkin (Ark of Taste)
- Sibley Squash (Ark of Taste)

50 lb. Cornucopia
All of the above plus
- Long Island Cheese Pumpkin (Ark of Taste)
- Musquee de Provence Pumpkin
- Jumbo Pink Banana or Guatemalan Blue Banana Squash


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